You never heard my music? M-mister Steve, I hope this doesn’t affect our deal! I cannot believe this! I really want you to hear it. Flonominal voice DJ Vlad I didn’t know, flo! Decide for yourself with our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! That’s more than most people.

Because I ain’t feeling too thugnificent right now. Is on their way over right now to take your [bleep] nigga. I’m gonna take it down. Some of us pay our taxes, Mr. You know that, right? Man, that nigga, man. Is this what the kids like?

I know that song. The Voes is called, “mo’ bitches, mo’ problems. Share this Rating Title: I want my money. Watch me, watch me do it Oh, yo!

The Boondocks S02E05 The Story Of Thugnificent – video dailymotion

That’s what I said, “a job?! The nigga runs the label I almost signed with. Jazmine Dubois credit only Charlie Murphy First off, I want to say that i’m a huge fan of thugnificent. Should I tell you what happened to the car, again, or you remember? Well, get a job! I-I’m gonna thhgnificent I’m — I’m not going to let you down, man! Bitches to Rags 09 May I been waiting to get rid of that piece of [bleep] car, anyway.


That’s more than most people. So I did the math, and that means I’d have to work like 82 hours a day! I believe this is the gentleman you’re looking for. I did what I was supposed to do. The music industry’s dead. By “flo,” you mean Derrick?

I’ll take two, please. But I believe in you, otis. That’s real cocaine, nigga! See the full gallery. I got this whole new sound I been working on, too. That’s what we do, you know?

The Boondocks s03e02 Episode Script

This is gonna make everything in your life better, and nothing anyone can do is gonna stop it. The [bleep] you looking at? Willie whistle work c, uh, my main man trick money smitty, little fanta — putting in his work, look out for his mix tape — uh, pew boi pimp, nasty murda trae, epis green, lil’ big dolla, snowbunny Sampson.

Oh, what the hell. I spent my whole check, but I wanted you to know I support you, man. When his new album tanks, Thugnificent is faced with the horror of getting a real job. Hey, you want to hear some tracks? Uh, no doubt, no doubt. Hold up, not so fast, you fat mother [bleep] Ed, ed, no, no! Yo, what up, Steve? You know, ’cause I called them, right, and I was like, “look, y’all need to come get this mother [bleep] out of here,” all right, ’cause I don’t want this piece of [bleep] no more.


I instigated a rap beef! Man, I don’t know what we gonna do.

You don’t want my [bleep] Damn cocaine, huh? Flo, come on, man. Use the HTML below. We both rappers in the lethal interjection crew.

Man, it’s some old bull But check it. Oh, nigga, stop beating around the bush. Oh, here we go!

So you’re here all by yourself? Glad you could make it, man. Because I ain’t feeling too thugnificent right now.

And I even tried to make a dance, nigga! Yo, well, he sound like he 15 months old!

I can call you “thugnificent”? How much you need? You never heard my music? Lot of people doing they thing. Tom Dubois voice credit only Gary Anthony Williams I’m giving you eight.