Zee e-mailed some totally awesome ‘avatar’ art! We don’t have the time to make more than one new episode per week. They escape the ship and make it shore when it sinks ” miles off the coast of the middle of nowhere” just prior to the start of the first episode. Alli made a “quad” statue pic with a 1 fan logo on top–fantastic!!! No mic issues, no recording issues, etc. Do you have a fan server? Pics Dave right with obsidian.

You can get the skin of Dave Dad here Direct link: BlackChouji from YouTube sent us a link to a map and a texture pack based on the Space Mothership. Lefteris made a banner reminiscent of the 70’s How cool is that? Click the “fan servers” tab above for more info. The walls were added as a result of the terrain generation algorithm changing from Minecraft 1. Also, starting in season 2.

It was made to look like an item in our video editing process. Dad – also known as Dave or Doc in the graphic novel prequel Dad is a scientist working for Redstone Weapons Laboratory.

Likewise, with season 4 ending–we have an even newer,newer map: Sometimes it works out that we have 17 minute episodes, sometimes 13, but they usually wind up either 14 or 15 minutes long.

Moosecoop Leo’s Minecraft – US – momsminecraft. This ability to thwart Evil Genus allows Sasquatch to travel unhindered and unafraid. Mary’s friend Hannah made us this image! Is he referring to YouTube viewers or others out there “like him” or something else entirely?


Moosecraft at outlook seaon com Owner: The Others – In a season 2 episode of the same name, EG Mk 5 tells Splice that “The Others” have not appeared and that he is sending the transmissions from Dad’s camera out into the world so “The Others” might discover it and subsequently find their way back to him.

MADMA s08e09 / epi 100! … You Only Live Twice / Mary and Dad’s Minecraft Adventures

Going Viral 42 The youtube season 1 playlist is here. Em drew Mary with Fish!

Thanks and enjoy the downloads! Ender gave us papercraft dolls for the cast!!! Primate Contractor How did you ssason Sasquatch’s communicator in the game?

Click the “fan servers” tab above for more info. EG Mk 5 inserts a small camera in Dad’s forehead, which we learn later is used to observe Dad’s surroundings while EG Mk 5 seasln in his formative, less powerful stage of development. Outside these walls lay a land of “unreality. Additional Music Tracks Funky groove track, reminiscent of the intro theme to Shaft: Contains short film 0, the trailer.

MADMA Season 7 Trailer: The Real World Awakens

Also, starting in season 2. Little noise and good levels.


Some audio editing glitches. Since just about everything is build while we record, we have to keep the world safe between episodes.

Are you on facebook, twitter, tumblr? Andrew made an awesome DRF logo–wow thanks!

MADMA Season 7 Trailer: The Real World Awakens –

Fantage made a killer room scene. We learn from Mary that Lil’Sas, who is a baby and can not speak, has told her through sand drawings that “evil people in helicopters” put him in a cage, forcing him to learn how to read and how to comprehend spoken English. Hey, thanks for stopping by! And we’d rather cut dadsfunny off at Study the graphic novel panels for more clues to who or what the others might be Click the button below–thanks!

I’m asking Jara where we can find this going forward. Ddsrfunny recorded his mic both in-game and in Audacity so we had to pot down down the in-game sound.

The youtube season 6 playlist is here.