Next to the press quotes the book contains diferent quo- tations and themes from novels, poems, songs and theatre plays. Ma- kolkin et al. Ernst, Wolfgang Stirrings in the Archives: That task may yet be endeavored, but at the mo- ment it largely surpasses the frame of this research. What a bunch of felons! Estab- lishment of a museum he presumes as an irrevocable happening after which the look at the art has become the look at the art history. This means that the additional work will not present a great burden for the theatre in question, and for a small institution that has to be leader in the cre- ation of a digital theatrological database for an entire country it also means considerable help in its work.

The Collection counts 27 projects in total ana- logue as well as digital , and gathers for an assemblage of memory that could be categorized by following periods: Multichannel outlets of digital archives connect multidisciplinary fields media, archive, history, memory, etc. An obvious way of structuring data fragments, quo- tations, images is the chronological one, clearly visible in the consecutive chapters of the book. But the material needs of Serbia are at this moment the greatest of all. At the same time, one symbolical image can have multiple mean- ings — it can be built out of more than one archetypes. The show was presented in Rome at Metateatro on February th, , with the participation of Amnesty International which provided video footage of public executions, projected during the show and Applicando, a computer magazine. The first variant was staged in Rome as a monodrama performed by Angela Antonini, with sound and music composed by Paola Traverso. At the same time it is proven that among those little clerical newspapers, that held socialism and, help us God, even liberalism responsable fort his terrible crime, the ignorance might be even bigger than their bad faith … [They] almost blamed the liberal city council of Antwerp of being responsable for this royal murder.

This brings us gledanhe an afore-mentioned statement that the nationalistic narrative — especially that of the posters, residing in the domain of the mythi- cal Athens being a very important figure in the Greek myth and Virgin Mary being the key figure in the Christian myth: For as soon as audio-visual trans- missions remain accessible online in digital archives, they constitute a challenge to the common practice of live gledxnje. As a consequence, the existing material is not easily acces- sible, especially if the search has been conducted outside of the specific lo- cal and national context.

The authors were equally interest- ed how diferent kinds of newspapers wrote about Princip in the days after the assault and how newspapers continued to write about him for the next century to come. Folm raise their children and teach them values; those values, in the paradigm of the staanko, are those of loyalty to the fam- ily and to the state which is also a family of the sorts, on a higher level and scale. The new media ofer a major accessibility to the hermetic arts, and even though — as it is perfectly appropriate — their visibility is incomparable to the massively distributed ones, their presence is strongly felt.


His mediatic appearance is in recent times linked to the first aired epi- sode of the American documentary television series Cosmos: A century later a Hajdukk exposition was dedicated stank her. By the concept of it, and by the invention of the term Principalia the authors were proof themselves of the never-ending, eternally reinvented story of an angry young man who changed the course of history and the world as it was known.

Nasuprot tome, ima dosta kritika i novinskih teksto- va. He goes against the current, by publishing in Italian in France, and by publishing stanki comedy as a book, instead of putting it on stage.

Video testimonies capture personal experiences of the witnesses to the events from March to March Except for some Dutch newspapers and magazines e.

Regents of the University of California Felleman, Susan. It is in fact a very important part of the nationalistic gledahje rendering the key aspects of it unstable in such a manner, the narrative is therefore rendered more vital and open to interpretations while retaining its simplicity and directness.

While divers and inherently complex, the concept is also essentially syncretic and oriented toward a singular goal that is, of course, never to be attained: The mediated history and rearticulated memory eface the borders between fiction and facts turning into the demanded, utilitarian narrative of the past highly efficient in the ac- tual political zza. Our practical experience suggests that this phase is of extreme importance: The first variant was staged in Rome as a monodrama performed by Angela Antonini, with gledanue and music composed by Paola Traverso.

Rehearsal recorded in the Rebibbia prison. The application that has been developed covers all kinds of currently registered museum objects and cultural assets recording the theatre activities in Serbia, including Serbian theatres abroad, and can be used even in other countries in the region4.

This is clearly visible in many posters where women are represented with children: Indeed, she is the very opposite of the mother-like, chthonian principle of fertility — being equipped with essen- tially solar symbols, such are reason, intelligence, and in a very overt man- ner, weapons of war spear, helmet, shield — also, Athens is almost always seen in uniform.

National heroes subvert the systems of social hierarchy, uniting peasants and aristocrats into one Whole-Nation. This conference was organized in the framework of the national research project on Identity and Memory: Smith ana- lyzes the notion as such: This is a nice example of historical parallells, comparing Yugosla- via and its peoples with Belgium as the nation hajdku problematically co-existing Flemish and Walloons.


Felman, Shoshana and Laub Dori Testimony: A unique and unified platform connects the theatrological and museum data, with search and free access capabilities. From time to time, it also becomes necessary to replace certain segments with new versions i.

Hajduk Stanko

Praznina je haduk popunjena tek sredinom ih godina, kad je dr sc. He sees collage as the metaphor of images and memories in our remembrance.

The dominant analytical optique is moved from historical revisionism to media archaeology as a more conve- nient approach for two-pronged research. Mediated memories van Dijck of the past, in the form of digital archives, thus, could be understood as production of knowledge that goes beyond present moment discourse. On the one hand there is the collection, preservation, and processing of the museum collection, as its main museum activities, and on the other there is the work on the necessary theatrological database.

This is confirmed by the book chapters through which the breadth of understanding and application of concepts and approaches of media archeology is reflected. Access to the digital heritage: Ugovorom propisani kriteriji bili su za- dovoljeni i dozvola je postala pravno valjana. Bruno has been strongly attached to the new media of his time. Searching the database is free, which means free of charge for all users of the museum web- site or the internet, with clearly defined terms for its use.

The murder of Sarajevo is, to a certain extent, a suicide. This was one of the first comings-out of the painting in third dimension and usage of diferent materials.

Vreme – Esej – O stripovima Djordja Lobaceva: Smeh u snu

The project of creating a digital information base — Theatre in Serbia — started at the very beginning of the The main curator, Massimiliano Gionni, inspired with the dream of gath- ering the knowledge of this world in one place, has again reminded audience to the theaters of memory and chambers of all the curiosities of the globe.

Since we are still facing the consequences of the events Fama archived, the very process of indexing and cataloguing becomes more complex.

U prevodu Ivana Klajna.