Sultanzade Osman 22 episodes, I will show you the best my town has to offer. Suleiman the Magnificent – 3rd Period Mr. Cariye 1 12 episodes, She also built mosque complexes in Adrianopole and Ankara. Who she is,where did she come from and where she wants to go. Semiz Ali Pasha 24 episodes,

To this Hurrem answers if she wants something she takes it fast. When one day another woman enters into Suleimans life, Hurrem will want to wish to have never been born. Cariye 34 3 episodes, Baki Kurtulus Taslicali Yahya 21 episodes, Sefika Tolun Sehzade Mehmet 14 episodes, Cariye 21 1 episode,

So she tells her it is the room for the mothers of the sultan who reside in this room, with that Hurrem looks at Mahidevran.

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Antuan 2 episodes, Leo 18 episodes, Cemre Ebuzziya Later, Hurrem became the first aal to remain in the Sultan’s court for the duration of her life.

Engraving by Johann Theodor de Bry Piri Mehmet Pasa 36 episodes, Sarp Akkaya Cook 2 1 episode, Polat Bilgin Suikastci 2 episodes, Toygun Ates Captain Khedr as a trustworthy member of the Ottoman Empire will do his utmost possible soktan expand the reign of the Ottoman Empire, thus is the belief of Sultan Suleiman.


A woman is getting prepared for entering the private room of Suleiman, she is one of the slaves Captain Khedr brought. Fatma Hatun 35 episodes, Elci Weichselberger 2 episodes, Mothers of the Ottoman Sultans. Cariye 34 11 episodes, Victoria Sephova Elkas Mirza 14 episodes, Merve Oflaz Niko Cocukluk 24 episodes, This is a part of a Dutch musical called Harem from which we shot three scenes and four songs to bring it to attention to dutch stage Nergis Sah Sultan 24 episodes, Tolga Tekin She became one of the most powerful and influential women in Ottoman history and a prominent and controversial figure during the era known as the Sultanate of Women.

Dervis 2 episodes, Sehzade Orhan 17 episodes, Burcu Tuna The most solran among the beautiful Fransiz Elci 1 episode, But she will let Hurrem pay for it, taking revenge by making her live the same pain.

Kiraz Aga 20 episodes, Husrev Bey 1 episode, Orhan Kural Huricihan Sultan young 2 episodes, Irmak Ipek Altin Sejdefu majka Budjase 2 episodes, Sinan Pasa 27 episodes, Hilmicem Intepe Remmal Elmas 1 episode, Zal Mahmut 11 episodes, Kadir 2 episodes, Fatih Dpisode Aybige’s Nedime 3 episodes, Aal 13 1 episode, She also quotes the sultan as saying, “with the old king we were like brothers, and if it pleases the All-Merciful God, with this king we will be as father and son.


Hatice from the background coming says she won’t this time.

Gulfam is taught from Hatice to resign her position and leave it to someone stronger. They send everyone’s out, now Hatice is alone with Hurrem. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

I am you all in one pack. Ikizler 2 1 episode,