Can’t take your eyes off when these two are on screen. You can watch it in following languages: His elder sister Anjali, who has been his sole companion through thick and thin their parents died when Arnav was about eleven and their uncle threw them out of their house is the only person who knows him inside out. I don’t have enough words to describe this. And the 4th promo is the icing on the cake The actors have done other shows before but this particular show has taken their career to dizzying heights. Actually its the BEST. Both are too arrogant and stubborn to reveal their feelings.

To be very frank,I have less interest in watching TV serials. The pain and insecurity due to his troubled past that has made him so hard to figure out. You will find the ugly truth of relations. The day Arnav realizes his love for Khushi, he also discovers a terrible secret. I jus love this serial so much. Was this review helpful? But at the very time he will get untrusted feedback from the same family. The love that he bestows on people when he wants to.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon episode

Who took soo much of efforts to bring out this extremely beautiful show Khushi discovers facets of Arnav that no one knows. Every single character in the show played an amazing role Beside excellent presentation, the awesome acting prowess of the lead as well as supporting actors and the unmistakeably crackling on-screen chemistry of the protagonists are some of the many factors which make this show rock not only in India but throughout the world.

The show is definitely not unique So guys go ahead and watch this wonderful show. It is Arnav’s discovery of him having the right to true love after his difficult life and to Khushi, it is the unveiling of the truth of her life.

If you want to change your life and fill what is love then it is the most easy way You just watch ISS pyaar ko kya naam doon And change your life I will give you. Really a magical experience It will be a while till any other actor will gain the love and undying support that these 2 amazing actors have achieved.


The pain and insecurity due to his troubled past that has made him so hard to figure out. Khushi epiaode born in a family of sweet-makers.

Do not miss it If it’s featured as the one of the shows that should be recreated for an American network, then obviously it’s a must watch! I jus love this serial so much. There were hurdles, betrayals and misunderstandings along the way before Khushi-Arnav love story was complete and a happily- ever-after ending.

Love – hate stories have hit the Indian Film and Television industry but never before have we seen such a response to it.

If there is no romance then the show is a flop and does not attract a wide range of viewers.

It is the journey of a brother to save his sister from the clutches of a spineless villain alongside the unveiling of the high regard the love of his life has for him and his family. A person who believes money can buy him everything but the very same money brings him many enemies and disloyalty from the people who he thinks are his.

Sign in to vote. It’s hard to take off. And we love to hate the character. The romantic background for Arshi ‘Rabbave’ has become synonymous to ‘Romance’ You will see the real of love, relation and bother and sisterhood. The love that he bestows on people when he wants to. When 3rd installment of IPKKND came inbarun sobti once again was casted as male lead but not sanaya irani both were there in 1st IPKKND fans became so angry that they started passing negative comments and messages to producers and they completely rejected it, criticizing it on social networking sites kyz the show to go off air episide 2 months.

No one managed ki unveil the love in his heart except one woman, Khushi Kumari Gupta. Khushi is a woman with high moral values but likes uss enjoy life and never lets the problems in her life get the better of her.


Watch it if episoode believe that “True episodde conquers all. It was this ‘opposites attract’ love story that had me glued from the 1st episode to the last one.

Thir chemistry is electrifying and they have raised the bar of performance up several notches. There are unlimited points to support the statement. Direction by LM and AK is awesome If an Indian television show is featured in an Entertainment Weekly’s article, then it must be good. A show not to be missed If you watch the romantic scene of this show at that time pyqar one call you ignore them it’s a true feelings So start it now friends It’s available in hotstat app.

His Hindi-English is awesome Coming to the negative lead The way these two performed is wonderful and they made ArShi an eternal couple Amazing crew n the best drama ever.

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A must watch for all. The core of any soap is romance. Barun Sobti need to come back so we can have season 2! I fell in love with Khushi because of her exuberance character who was always looking positive and her steadfast belief in her faith Devi Maiyya and her traditional values especially in love and marriage.

Arnav has created impenetrable physical and emotional boundaries around himself. It is Arnav and Khushi’s journey to discovering true love. I know many who still keep watching this show. Actually its the BEST.