However, the train meets with an accident. Although the industry is much smaller than the large market driven Hindi cinema based in Mumbai, Marathi cinema is tax free, and is experiencing growth in recent years. Levante vs Real Madrid Match , Feb 25, Rohan comes along with his aunt, Shweta, a television actress. They want to sell their ancestral property and move out and form their own nuclear families. Special Guest Judges — Two special celebrity guest judges have appeared alongside the main judging panel for s Tulsidas misunderstands the family wants to get rid of him. However, she instigates Tulsidas against Raju.

Bhavesh and Praful tease Raju when he gets nervous about his wedding. Tulsidas appreciates Raju when his photo gets published in the newspaper. He puts forth a few conditions for the marriage. They see a small boy asking his mother for a shirt. Later, he becomes arrogant and misbehaves with the elders. Tulsidas yells at Himanshu for printing menu cards instead of wedding invites. Seeing Falguni’s mother leave, Tulsidas challenges Jayshree to stop gossiping for one day.

Parminder attempts suicide thinking she has lost Himanshu. Jayshree pretends to be sick and convinces Tulsidas to dance with the kids for a competition. Total Dhamaal Movie Review: Raju goes in search of her, but fails to find her. Now we see Hansa being tortured by her saas for making mothichoor ke ladoo -which Hansa makes and HOW!


Please enter your Password for confirmation. India vs Australia – 1st T20I Feb 24, After the dance performance, Tulsidas falls down.

List of Khichdi episodes

Applications for contestants opened during the airing of the seventh season. Tulsidas and the kids seriaal to practice. He tells Tulsidas he will earn one lakh rupees in a month. Jayashree insists Melissa accompany her on the water slide. While Jayshree distracts Hansa, Raju is tempted by food.

However, the tribal king wants Tulsidas to marry his sister.

Praful offers to help Jacky and Hansa fill their dance class forms. Raju identifies him while the thief shoots at him. Preparation Shami kababs are boiled or sauteed meat beef or lamb and chickpeas chana daal with whole hot spices garam masala, This hurts Jayashree and she leaves the house for her khicydi home.

Tulsidas angers Jayashree

She graduated in science from Episore Hind College, Mumbai. Rahul gets irritated with Praful and Hansa, and wishes to go back to the hostel.

Jayshree exchanges Tulsidas’s new shirt for utensils. As Jayshree and Hansa irritate the bankers and Praful gets another passbook, some robbers attack the bank. The family returns to Mumbai. However, she instigates Tulsidas against Raju. Godavari Masi who have come from London forbids Jayshree from applying mehendi, only because she is a widow.

Hansa grabs the pistol from a robber and shows off her skills. He tells Tulsidas he will earn one lakh rupees in a month. Based in old Mumbai, it is the oldest and one of the pioneer film industries of India.


A lady distracts Hansa and puts a packet in her bag. Tulsidas orders Praful to shut his mouth. Jayshree realises her mistake and apologises to Jacky.

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It hurts everyone including Tulsidas. However, Hansa brings food from a restaurant. Jayshree wonders what use he is going to put them to. Jayshree exchanges Tulsidas’s new shirt for utensils. Praful tells Tulsidas that Mr Mehta terminated him from the job. The thief searches the handbag for diamonds. The family exchanges kyichdi in the house to determine whether men are better than women.

Jayshree and Hansa think that they will be able to kgichdi the property if Tulsidas gets imprisoned for killing Mellisa. They see a small boy asking his mother for a shirt. This is a list of episodic television programs by episode count with episodes minimum.