Yuvraj picks Twinkle up from the stage and takes her on a ride. Santram Varma Rakesh Malhotra. Will Leela Taneja win the rummy match? Leela, who has learned from Pinni that Twinkle is taking Kunj to her room, gets suspicious and sets out to meet her daughter. Keep watching to find out. This section needs expansion. The story begins with Twinkle and Yuvraj being in love and their mothers Leela and Anita being arch-rivals.

Retrieved 4 April — via YouTube. Twinkle visits Manohar’s home and meets Kunj. Though he keeps repeating that he hates Twinkle, in reality, still feels for her. Later, Twinkle and Yuvraj share a romantic moment. Twinkle declines at first but Kunj convinces her. He leaves from there without meeting his family as he believes Twinkle has easily forgotten him and moved on with Yuvraj and plans to take revenge on them along with his doctor and friend, Pallavi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Twinkle packs her bag and has made her mind up to leave her home and run away with Yuvraj.

Leela’s friend asks her talk with Manohar and get Twinkle married to Manohar’s son. Sunny’s mother likes Twinkle and declares that her son would certainly marry her.

Tashan E Ishq 1st February 2016 Full Episode Part 1

On the other hand, Twinkle shares her breakup story with Chinki. Meanwhile, Usha, with the help of a man, stalks them and taszn Yuvraj and Twinkle’s photograph. Twinkle gets anxious seeing Yuvraj unconscious and she tries to wake him up.

She calls Twinkle out and introduces her to Manohar. Would Yuvraj speak with Twinkle? Soon, Twinkle gets pregnant with Kunj’s child but their happiness is short-lived as Kunj gets into an accident and is declared dead.

He scares her and then starts questioning her about the progress in her plan. She is in the process ishs taking Kunj to her room and make a video of his shameless acts. Retrieved from ” https: Twinkle gets frightened and tells that it was just a joke. Yuvraj and Kunj confront each other and start to fight. However, unknown to all, Kunj is alive but his face gets damaged because of the accident and he has to undergo reconstructive surgery.


Manohar Sarna wishes to get his son, Kunj Sarna to get married to Twinkle. Programs currently broadcast by Zee TV.

She tells Kunj that Yuvraj is her boyfriend. Twinkle tells Yuvraj that she can get him to talk with Kunj and clear his doubts. Later it is revealed that Twinkle would be taking part in the Miss Amritsar contest and famous singer Mika would be judging the contestants.


But Pallavi was killed by her servants for money and the case was charged against Twinkle and Kunj. Yuvraj then acts as though he has been hurt and faints. Twinkle then calls Yuvraj up and asks him episoed meet at their usual meeting spot. Will Manohar accept the proposal of Episose for his son? Leela, who has learned from Pinni that Twinkle is taking Kunj to her room, gets suspicious and sets out to meet her daughter.

Manohar and the latter is confused with her talks. Kunj and Yuvi reach there and individually try to win their ladylove’s heart. Kunj and Twinkle return to Kunj’s home where their families are waiting for them. It’s a hot day and Twinkle decides to have juice served on the road. After meeting Yuvraj, Twinkle breaks down in tears and apologizes to him. But as luck has it, Twinkle and Kunj once again begin getting closer, much to the dismay of Yuvi, Pallavi and Usha.

On the other hand, Yuvraj calls Twinkle up and they both share a funny yet romantic conversation.

Tashan E Ishq 1st February Full Episode Part 1 – video dailymotion

Yuvraj, on the other hand, calls Twinkle up and questions her about her plan and how far has she progressed with it. Twinkle Taneja is a typically adorable Punjabi kudi and a drama queen! Twinkle is heartbroken because of Kunj’s death and her mother-in-law, Usha, thinking it would be hard for Twinkle to raise her child alone, decides to remarry her to Yuvraj.

After much difficulties, Kunj and Twinkle decide to get married upsetting Pallavi and Yuvi. This upsets Twinkle and Yuvraj too gets upset. Later, Twinkle and Yuvraj share a romantic moment. He also fakes saying he has given space to Twinkle while Kunj is always sticking to her. One of Leela’s friend informs her about Manohar, a great industrialist.



Tashan E Ishq 4th February Full Episode Watch Online Part 1 – video dailymotion

Hearing this, Yuvraj gets ishqq and starts riding the bike rashly. Monohar Sarna question his son, Kunj as to whether did he say anything to Twinkle due to which she is upset. Kunj, who hides his identity and took the name of Rocky Singh, has become a successful international boxer and he plans to destroy not only Yuvraj and Twinkle but also his family as he thinks they betrayed him too by siding with his enemy, that is Yuvraj.

Stay tuned to know more. What would Leela’s reaction be when she finds out that her daughter is drunk? While Kunj is dependent on his mother to cancel this engagement, Yuvraj seems to have got some plan under his sleeves. However, in the best interest of her family Twinkle marries Kunj, but an obsessed Yuvraj continues to create problems in her life.

Twinkle, on the other hand, is an adorable Punjabi kudi and drama queen. All three of them tell their views on love.

episove Manohar and Leela share a conversation and the former is impressed with how responsible and active Leela is at her profession. He questions as to where have they kep Twinkle after kidnapping her. This infuriates Yuvraj and he starts shouting at her. All is fair in love and war, they say.

In the process, Raman hurts himself too. The story revolves around Twinkle who falls in love with Yuvraj, who belongs to a rival family. Twinkle is furious and is waiting for Yuvraj to arrive.