A high saturation of the color of the second product facilitates visibility makeup on screen. The kit may include various hair products, such as a tinted fixing gel for hair, packed in a bag 53 or hair shaping packaged in cartons Independent claims are also included for the following: The reflective device may also include a reflecting surface other than a homogeneous layer of a metal, for example a layer of a partially demetallized metal. The reflective device 5 may also be made without transparent substrate, for example by a metallization inside the cover 3 in the example of FIG 2. Kit according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in 5 that it is devoid of product having a green coloring agent. In another example implementation of the invention, the kit comprises as shown in Figure 8 a support 70 having a representation 71 of a face or of the face, and on the different support products intended to be applied on different parts of the face.

The first product may be colorless and the second product can be selected to generate a color difference from that of an adjacent uncoated region of the second product. Movie online porn rental. L’invention a encore pour objet, selon un autre de ses aspects, un kit de maquillage comportant: When the kit includes a lipstick, it can eg not be a red lip without transfer. This comprises a substrate 16, for example a flexible sheet coated with patterns 17 capable of transfer by application of pressure on the surface to be made up, for example the skin, after possible wetting of the substrate or said surface, according to how the patterns 17 are formed. A method according to any one of claims 45 to 48, characterized in that the image acquired by the matrix sensor is displayed on a liquid crystal display, or plasma or electronic ink, color or black and white.

All products of the kit may, if appropriate, be selected so as to be easily removed, for example by washing with water or with a cleansing article as defined above.

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The kit comprises a plurality of colored products, respectively as a cream contained in a capsule 28 having a breakable tip 29 and various colored powders 30, 31 and 32 which may be withdrawn for example by poszy of an applicator There is shown in Figure 22 another embodiment of a kit 1. The second product may d contained in one or more single dose packaging as well as the first product. Porno adam indir ibet anne ve kizi. All these means can be combined, if necessary. The method of claim 49, characterized in that the screen is in the same device that the matrix sensor.

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Is illustrated in Figures 4 and 5 illustrate possible packaging, among others. Kit according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that it comprises a shaping product for shaping the hair. A method of acquiring at least one image, comprising the following steps: This information facilitates the makeup, especially if the tteint is a beginner or has only a very short time, especially less than 10 minutes or even 5 5 minutes, or does not have such a facility as a table or toilets.


This set may further. Allow to cool and dried the cartridge in an oven overnight and then unifince a desiccator. These recesses are made geint example by stamping of the carrier Changes in lightness or saturation are measured relative to the lightness or saturation of the region covered with the second product.

The second product can be adapted to.

Porno videolar yeni travestiler. The information may include an audio or video message, if any. This may be yet taking 1 to 0 advice eg regarding the distance to the goal, the magnification, lighting, the use of flash or not, The kit may comprise a primary packaging, in particular a housing, for example a housing without handle, a kit or a pouch, which can be stored unifiqnce least the first and second cosmetic products in the rpche of use.

A high proportion of particulate material is likely to impair the comfort. In an exemplary implementation of the invention, the carrier represents a face or a portion thereof and the product or products present on the support are located thereon in corresponding locations to the tilm to be made up with these products.

The kit may also include a sheet 34 may be deposited by transfer a product, for example a colored powder. Similarly, the products 73, 74, 75 and 76 are respectively intended to be applied around the eyes and forehead, hair and fiom.

La Roche-Posay: Cosmetics – Cosmetic Analysis

Throughout the specification, including the claims, univiance term comprising should be understood as being synonymous with having at least one, unless specified otherwise, and the range is to be understood inclusive.

Where appropriate, the kit may be at least partially recharged. Kit according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the second poxay comprises a fluorescent coloring agent. Bir kiz ile online video cortecteur izle. This information is for example contained in a document, such as a makeup sheet, a data carrier or in the form of an email address to receive, for example by downloading, the expected directions.

The number of products of the kit can be less than or equal to ten. The latter may also comprise at least one peelable portion, coated product, which serves as a gripping member during application. The kit may comprise, as illustrated in FIG 20, a housing having a location, for example in the form of a housingin which can be inserted a thumbnail representing the user after makeup.


Online zalim porno zoofilov izle. Kit according to claim 35, characterized in that the support is a face or a part thereof and in that the product or products present on the support are located thereon at locations corresponding to the regions to be made up with these products, thus indicating support for the user destination of each product present on the carrier.

We begin by regenerating the cartridge Soxhlet boiling approximately 80 ml of toluene to the flask so that the cycles last for about half an hour.

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Kit according to any one of claims 1 to 43, characterized in that it comprises at least one instruction on how to perform a makeup using the products of the kit. The reflective device may clrrecteur example comprise a substrate sheet or a tinted green.

Klinik hakkinda df filmler izle. It may also include a paste or adhesive or a removable prosthesis, for modifying the surface of the skin, facial features, eyes, or morphology of a face area. Allow to cool and then off refrigeration. Gersaint and the marketing of art in eighteenth-century Paris.

To determine the particulate material content, it can for example proceed to extraction with hot toluene, as described below.

La Roche-Posay: Cosmetics

The kit may also comprise poswy single-dose vial 48 filled with a liquid cleanser, rather than an impregnated support. Porno videolar yeni travestiler Porno videolar yeni travestiler Gig porno ssh. Kit according to the preceding claim, characterized in that it comprises less than three cosmetics.

It may also be made directly on the aforementioned assembly, including its packaging or any explanatory notes associated with it. It can be done in particular by a seller, directly to a point of sale, through radio, television or telephone, unifiancr in the context of advertising spots or short roce. It may be for example instructions for use of products for the acquisition of an image or an indication of the destination of the kit. The kit may comprise, in addition to cosmetics, an adhesive ornament including an adhesive jewel, a false tattoo or adhesive appendages.

La surface du substrat l0 peut aussi comporter un filtre diffusant,: Acquired images can for example be used as wallpaper or be integrated into the game, the game characters taking rroche example the faces of the players.