Will Varun succeed in warning Bhoomi before it gets too late? Their families are happy about it, until, they discover that Vasundhra and Anshumaan were already dating before marriage and the families feel cheated. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 15 – March 20, – Full Episode. Will Bhoomi’s entire truth come out before Vasundhara? Before leaving for Indore they all decide to visit a temple and there they come across Vasundhara Prajapati. Meanwhile, Bhoomi is not happy with Riya and Saurabh’s decision to marry each other without their parents’ consent and she speaks to Ansh who is in favour of this marriage. While all begin to panic, Bhoomi uses her presence of mind and diverts the attention of Vikram’s father so that he can recover faster. She goes on to call her mother, Suman and blasts her for not taking proper care of her daughter.

Will Vasundhara who is unaware of Bhoomi’s job, find out about it? Meanwhile, Surbhi escapes from her house in order to meet Varun, so that she can cancel their marriage. But Ansh is equally surprised when he learns that Riya has informed Bhoomi’s grandparents that he is her cousin brother. But things get troublesome when Vasundhara sees Bhoomi and her grandparents at Indore, waiting for a means of transport. In contrast to it are The Shuklas who are a traditional upper middle class family with a business in gems and stones. Later, Vasundhara herself speaks on the phone to know who this friend of Surbhi is and she is surprised to hear a female voice replying back.

Later Bhoomi is on her way back home with her friend Roshni, on her scooty. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 10 – March 13, – Full Episode. Meanwhile, Vasundhara gets ready to arrive at her factory and informs her staff to see to it that the visitors from Symbiosis arrive on time as she hates latecomers. Meanwhile, Surbhi requests her mother to anyhow keep Vasundhara busy and away from her for a good couple of hours. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 18 – March 25, – Full Episode.

Meanwhile, Surbhi meets the man she had been hoping to meet after her chat with him on the internet, but she is surprised to learn that the man is nowhere near her expectations. The Prajapatis are a respectable upper class family with an established family business headed by Vasundhara Prajapati ‘Bhabahi ma’ who is also the decision maker in all the important aspects related to her family members.

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Later, it so happens that Saurabh’s mother Sarla is a friend of Vasundhara and as she learns that Vasundhara is in Indore, she requests her to come to the temple to bless the newly wedded couple. While she is wondering on the roads, Riya learns from Saurabh about Bhoomi and the trio immediately start searching for her. Meanwhile, Surbhi is adamant on making Varun’s life hell so that, he will be forced to move away from her life.


Episore on the other hand goes to Bhopal to visit the office where Bhoomi has got her job.

He assures her that he will be by her side in her every decision that she makes. Varun by then, informs Rajendar and Gajendar bhagbyalakshmi the problem and the matter reaches Bhoomi’s grandparents too.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 17 – March 24, – Full Episode. Later, Vasundhara reachies Murlimohan’s house along with bhahgyalakshmi entire family, with the ‘shagun’. Ansh on the other hand continues to follow Riya and Bhoomi in order to convince Riya about Saurabh.

Her brother encourages her to do the job and also warns her that their grandmother is earnestly trying to look for a probable boy for her marriage. Roshni and Vasundhara get into a brawl but Bhoomi who has mud all over her face stops her friend and asks her to hurry home. She tells them about Varun’s closeness with Surbhi during the last night’s function and she also expresses her disgust at being a spectator to such a sight.

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The two of them immediately bond and have their lunch together. Meanwhile, Varun is trying his best to convince Surbhi to consider his love for her but Surbhi seems to be in no mood to marry him. Bhoomi, one of the daughters in the family of The Shuklas has been raised as a protected child and was imparted a good education. Avni on the other hand is hoping to get selected for a job after doing her engineering and all except a few in her family seem to be completely unaware of it.

Later, Bhoomi and Riya leave for their room but remain completely unaware of a person on a bike following them. Later, Bhoomi’s grandmother finds Ansh’ watch in Bhoomi’s handbag. Later, Vasundhara goes to her place and informs all about Surbhi’s affair with Varun. Murlimohan is extremely happy with Rajendar’s decision of letting Bhoomi go forward with her dream of doing a job and he decides to himself go along with Bhoomi to Indore for her job.

On the way they meet with a small accident with a jeep in which Vasundhara Prajapati is seated along with her family. After several other attempts, Bhoomi finally receives Varun’s call and is shocked to learn that she has reached Vasundhara’s epieode.


He bhaaghyalakshmi his best to convince her to marry him but his episose go in vain. Meanwhile, Maan’s parents want to inform Maan about Vasundhara’s decision bhwghyalakshmi getting him married to Bhoomi, but they decide against it as per Vasundhara’s wish. She later goes on to blame the family for Varun’s mannerless behaviour and finally asks them to get Varun and Bhagbyalakshmi married.

Rajendar requests the receptionist and after a lot of convincing the manager finally allows Bhoomi to register at Symbiosis international. Vasundhara Prajapati reaches the Swastik Textiles to inspect the functions of her company and learning about her visit the workers get ready to put forward their best behaviour.

As Rejendar informs the family about Bhoomi’s selection, Bhoomi joins her colleagues for the meeting and later meets her room-mate Riya. On the other hand, Varun is extremely thankful to his sister for speaking on the phone for him. Bhaghyalakshmo turns out that Ansh and Maan are the same person and his actual name is Anshuman. She asks him to take her out at night so she can have some wine. He also makes attempts to apologize to Bhoomi for the last night but she ignores him.

Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 15 – March 20, – Full Episode. She is afraid that her family will not let her go to Indore. She later learns that Bhoomi’s family is in their room and she seems horrified as she has made a mess out of their room. Click here to login.

How episdoe Bhoomi’s grandparents react when they find Ansh in their room? They call their mother Shanti but just when she is about to reach Bhoomi’s room, Vijendar’s wife decides against waking Bhoomi.

Begusarai – Hindi Serial – Episode 221 – January 1, 2016 – And Tv Show – Webisode

What wish will Bhoomi ask of Vasundhara? Will Surbhi who has openly claimed that she does not love Varun, agree for this marriage?

Bhoomi informs Ansh that her marriage has already been fixed and walks away from him. Bhoomi and Riya secretly enter the room but they are in for a shock when they find Shanti in the room. Bhaghyalakshmi – Episode 13 – March 18, – Full Episode.