It’s so unwarrior like. Wow, talk about going in mental circles! Ki Chul, angry, walks toward Gongmin to attack him with his freezing power but Young steps in and gets the blow instead. Jang Bin walks in and asks her what she is doing. Did you really have to stand guard for that? I just really hope that Young and Eun-Soo have their happy ending, but I just don’t feel like the PDs are taking it there. If she hadn’t been a doctor or older than him, she would have pretty much obeyed everything he said when she came to his world. Nice twist at the end.

She questions him as nobody dared before. I don’t know, it could be the timing of them, or something else, but in their current state they cheapen the drama imo. He asks by whose hand. I must say this drama is getting interested by the episode. This might seem like a stupid question but humor me. How the actors keep a straight face is beyond me.

Conny September 18, at 1: And, not a moment too soon!

And really I think that’s it. I will call bullshit at this point on not explaining some of the supernatural elements such as the episoed and weakness stuff. I’m sorry, I need to rant somewhere about the fact that my midterms are almost here and I fith have time to watch Faith!

Gongmin fumes at the loss of lives, but he regroups and counters: My luv for LMH only goes so far. There are so many quick reversals, that there doesn’t seem to be any time for characters to feel the impact of what’s happened. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Wow, talk about going in mental circles!


And it’s not as if they have a lotta episodes to go time-jumping. Young gives Jo Il-shin a death glare.

Would this calling me the “B” be considered cyber bulling or a form of it? I think it might be his place of death. Man-bo grumps that Young is a stingier businessman than they are. She silently walks over to a sleeping man and starts to hit him awake. I want an epic battle between Ki Chul and Choi Young too! Yeah, maybe she wasn’t Hwata. Aden01 September 25, at Eun-soo runs over to Young but he has already started fighting Ki Chul and his men.

The leader of the Mon-Tues 9: Furthermore, Lee and his colleagues have all let go of idealistic hopes for Goryeo, and are doing what they can to get by for themselves. It feels like ‘aww. Aaagh, this is happening exactly like it did in his imagination! Choi Young will therefore lose another love and stay single and depressed forever. Wow, that possibility just has me smiling from ear to ear. Yeah, I can’t take the villains seriously at all, and have settled down to enjoying them.

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So she has to spend at least a year in Goryeo, right? Ah, shades of the Name of the Rose with the poisoned pages of a book. Ki Chul’s superpowers are ice-based, will prolonged use of them affect his body? FaithfeaturedKim Hee-sunLee Min-ho.


I thought the director was just showing her haste to rescue Choi Young. Aunt comes in epiisode help her, and says quietly that she has a request to make. I’m probably the one who’s being unfair. I just saw Ep. Ki Chul just chuckles. Gongmin wonders what that could be, but Young excuses himself from the speculation, asking the king to handle the politics.

Episodes by LollyPip. And i’d love it if we got more of her. And Kudos to the the actors and actresses who chose to remain with the production even when it seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere.

Very nice episde for the character. MY peisode scenes this episode: Eun-soo suddenly sits Aunt down and starts to pull her face this way and that, thinking of ways she could fix her face to make her look twenty again.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 11 | Scattered Joonni

This show could be so much more if it tried. Or more accurately, at the hilt. Is the queen making the first move? Nogook wonders what they can do.

And the new villain was unexpected which is the twist this show has been missing. Young accompanies Afith on the road, chiding her for her paltry escape plan.