Brendan, Gina, Reece, Sarah and Sashi chose lamb and cooked the top five dishes, and the latter won the challenge for the second time to compete for immunity. Retrieved 17 April All three succeeded with their dishes but Ben’s panna cotta split and his jellies dissolved on the plate, forcing him to improvise before judging. Chloe, Kristen and Tim stood out as the top three and advanced to compete for immunity. They love the little men on the front. For surviving all the challenges, Chloe was awarded the Year Superpower Apron that grants her immunity from the judging in a future elimination challenge, right up to the tasting stage. In the end, that was enough to eliminate him from the competition.

Team challenges always kill me to write. They had to communicate to their teammates with instructions on replicating the dishes in minutes. Kylie is in the presence of her idols and turns into a pastry groupie. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After service, Chloe and Sashi had noticeable flaws in their dishes but Sashi struggled further in the prep time as he left an errant scale and bone in two of his fish dishes while his dessert had technical issues. Their dishes earned praise from the judges, especially Ben’s scallop main, but were criticised for their dessert.

The most exciting part is seeing the contestants full of energy and passion for food and mastrrchef under pressure to make their ideas come to life with limited time.

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The judges acknowledge the eternal bromance and call Bandy to materchef to the table together. Sunday Challenge 8 – For their first Challenge of Italy week, the contestants split into teams of two and wandered the streets of Rome seeking inspiration for a “Roman story on a plate”. Beau won the right to study the dish for the next challenge. However, despite his good run throughout the competition, Loki, who had the immunity pin last week, put his position at risk by participating the challenge.

Joining the judging panel as a regular guest was chef Matt Moran.

They had three and a half hours to prepare the various complicated layers, which included a chocolate mousse, a chocolate and hazelnut dacquoise, a caramel, vanilla and chocolate ganache, a tempered chocolate disc and a warm chocolate sauce.

Shui Ishizaka – In round one, Chloe, Kristen, Sashi and Tim had to make a simple dish using eggs and their choice of pantry items.

Season 10, Episode 37

Jess thrived with the presentation of her dish albeit rushed in the spreading of her buttercream while her chocolate was undertempered. They must make a Careme styled masterpiece. Matt and Filippo were the bottom two, but despite some errors, it was Ssason undercooked lamb that sealed his elimination.


Sashi stood out with his sambal prawns that received 10 points from each of the judges and his fish curry scored 27 points 9 each.

Chloe, Kristen and Tim stood out as the top three and advanced to compete for immunity. Retrieved 1 February Celebrity chef Antonio Carluccio judged the challenge, which took place over two rounds. They each had an hour plus an additional five minutes in front of the judges of final cooking and presentation to prepare a dish of their choice, with fhallenge number securing their place in the next stage of the seasoh.

Reymond was challrnge impressed with some contestants mastercgef and ability to capture the “essence of France,” and Debra, Filippo, Mindy, Kath, Mario and Emma secured the final places in the Top Southern Italy or Mezzogiorno comprises eight regions: What new projects do you have on the boil that you can share with us?

George Calombaris, Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and Curtis Stone – George cooked two versions amsterchef his Greek souvlakiMatt made his vegetarian-style nachos and Gary braised his chicken paired with seasin spring onion pancakes.

Ben offered to give up his place in the competition if it would save Emma, but after the judges made it clear that, should he leave, Emma would still have to cook, he decided to cook in the second round. Retrieved 30 April Jenny’s mousse was too runny after struggling with her egg whites and Adele’s cheesecake was rushed on the assembling while both of their cookies were underbaked.

Ben cooked with precision to interpret the dish while, despite her fennel pearls being too soft, Chloe’s plate also impressed.

Ben, despite missing out the garnishes, and Chloe, despite lacking depth of flavour in her sauce, both excelled in the judging.

As both of their desserts were flawed, Kristen was not awarded a pin after the result ended in a challenye on 18 points with the professional. The person with the lowest score would land in third place.

Gary really likes it. All of the dishes, except Sashi’s pasta course, impressed the judges and between the three of them, they decided to vote Khanh’s fig dessert to advance to the semi-finals.

The brand name is owned by The Smith’s Snackfood Company. With 90 minutes on the clock, contestants proved their worth cooking both sweet and savoury dishes.

Ben’s jam for his lamington was too thick but it was Hoda’s unnecessary use of cinnamon which overpowered her dense cake batter and sweetness with no relief that sent her home.


Preston goes on to introduce the Patissier of Pain. Julia scored 25, Andy 23 and Audra 22, eliminating her and pitting Chalkenge and Andy against each other for the last two rounds.

Elimination Challenge 2 – The first jasterchef a two-part Elimination Challenge consisted of a Taste Test, in which the contestants had to guess the 25 ingredients of Gary’s Moroccan Tajinewith the first 5 contestants to get an ingredient wrong going into the elimination round.

It came down to Jess, whose flavours in her beef salad were unbalanced, and Brendan, who served up a dish with undercooked beef.

With a spot on the cover of the magazine at stake, contestants were given 90 minutes to cook a single dish that was cover-worthy. With 75 minutes to cook a dish of lamb and peas, Sashi’s dish impressed while Andy’s take was also praised after 60 minutes but his lamb was slightly undercooked and he scored 24 points. They had to highlight their dishes with the given ingredients in two hours. Alice opted not to use her Immunity Pin.

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Both Mindy and Cchallenge had great kitchen performances, but Mindy’s mushrooms were undercooked and Kylie’s parfait had curdled due to a host of technical errors. Each of the contestants worked well under pressure, systematically tackling each component although TK initially chose to disregard the austrqlia of steps provided and having enough time to assemble the cake. Sarah’s beef with corn and salsa was praised while Chloe’s noodle dish impressed the judges despite mincing her beef.

After Reece and Gina are eliminated in the first two rounds, Sashi beat Khanh for an opportunity to face executive chef Andy Harmer from Melbourne and win a second immunity pin. The Yellow team improvised their dish in the first two changeovers but at the last leg, their chocolate ganache was unnecessary on the plate. Gary flips it back onto his plate. This was enough to eliminate Sarah. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat They arrive at Le Cordon Bleu and their six hours kicks off.