If you tell the truth, I’ll give you five dollars. How did you get upstairs? I can’t even watch you play. Fred works overtime engineering a reconciliation so she’ll return home. As an astrologer tells Lamont that as a Libra he must avoid strife and arguing, hypochondriac Fred is home suffering from gas after eating eight-day-old collard greens. Why don’t you wait around and have a beer? Fred is suspicious of Lamont’s new poker buddies Skeeter, Rooster and Hucklebuck, convinced that they are setting him up to scam him out of his money. Remember what I told you, Pop.

Lamont won’t let me play. Well, Mustache first ace deals. I got him a television set for his bedroom. Lamont becomes annoyed that Fred is constantly playing old blues records featuring a band named Blind Mellow Jelly. I’m telling you, they cheatin’. You’re gonna try to do it to us again, huh, Louis? Fred sees dollar signs, so he and Grady set to making marriage bells ring by turning to a computer dating service. Fred hires a new man to replace Lamont, who signs on to work with a competing junk dealer.

This man invited us in his house. You wanna raise the stakes, we’ll raise ’em. The ladies perform “I Didn’t Know” for Fred.

Fred buys a retired thoroughbred racehorse, betting on a big profit after selling him as a breeding stud.

Fred sees dollar signs, so he and Grady set to making marriage bells ring by turning to a computer dating service. I think the stakes are a little too high for you, Papa Sanford. After learning about the dangers and high risk of heart disease, Lamont plots to get his heart attack-prone father to the hospital for a cardio check-up.


Sanford and Son – Season 2, Episode 6: The Card Sharps –

Lamont moves out after a fight with Fred, but Fred lures his son back by agreeing to allow Lamont’s eccentric encounter group to hold its meeting in their home. It’s all right now. Didn’t you always get everything you needed?

Sanford and Son is recorded on episodde before a live studio audience. Season 2 Episode 6. Esther and Woody plan to be parents for the first time, but for it to happen Esther is going to need Fred’s help. With the bank ready to foreclose, Fred and Lamont desperately seek to find tenants for the Sanford Arms. What are you doing out here? He can’t drink all of that.

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Sixteen bucks if you wanna stay. Tired of Lamont sn him he’s a loser at cards, Fred and his professional gambler friend play a prank on Lamont and his poker pals. I’m warning you now, Pop, you better not do nothing tonight to embarrass me.

You think you’re slick. Fred is celebrating 35 years in the junk business and snoops and finds his intended gift: Would you get away from the table? During his birthday celebration, Fred is overwhelmed by a visit to episodd fancy bar, a movie theater to see Fiddler on the Roofand dinner at a Chinese restaurant. After a nasty spat Sanford and Son split up. It then becomes Fred and Grady’s job to get Junior into fighting shape before Friday’s bout.


See, she was in the hospital bed and the doctor was taking me to her bedside, and he whispered to me. Lights went out, didn’t it? Lamont fears Fred is going deaf, and Fred is content to play along and milk sympathy from Lamont and Donna. Fellas, where you going?

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They did it to you. Lamont’s headache drives him to the psychologist’s couch, where it is suggested the pain in Lamont’s head is caused by the pain in the neck he lives with. I can’t play cards. Fred’s fighting mad to find that his new neighbor is a Puerto Rican man with a goat. Yes No Report this. Why don’t they call it “corn chip dip” instead of”clam dip,” dummy?

The Card Sharps

When two competing politicians each seek to use Fred’s junkyard for a campaign headquarters, Della Reese appeals to Fred to stand by her man. But will Fred be left holding the dead man’s hand?

In the process, he is labeled as a hero and Fred takes advantage of it.