What would she get out of suggesting that kind of marriage? We can criticize, yes but at the end of the day, that’s her home work. Thanks for a great recap I thought it was quite significant the recap doesn’t contain this bit that when Joo-won is looking at the photo of Ra-Im and her father, he thinks to himself, “You’re quite familiar Amg1, I can understand your anger or unhappiness toward those who do not agree with you since you actually gave a pretty good explanation of why you think you are right, and I respect that. His mother has so much experience getting rid of girls, she is an Olympic level champion in the sport.

So why wouldn’t he force her to lay on the bed with him? Do I think that Joo-won was assaulting her? Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. She has to keep moving. I mean no offence I know you people really like the recaps but if people are that desperate for recaps instead of waiting to watch the drama with eng subs just to hate on it then whats the point of posting it on the web instead of taking it to the writers. Forcing someone to do what they do not want to do is assault, whether it is cuddling, kissing or sex. He likes her because she is a tough talking, bad ass stuntwoman and she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a strong enough man to handle her and persistent.

Ra Im’s father is pulling the stings with the body swap, so it makes since he choose Joo Won to help out his daughter. Yeah, i was like “no freakin’ way man! Elle-Emme January 8, at He talks as though Jong-soo has returned, which draws Ra-im outside, at which point he pushes his way into the room.

Is it just me or does it feel like this drama is slowly fizzling out? Unwanted-advances-as-romance is a socially problematic issue. He meant what he said to Mom and wants Ra-im to pack a bag now so that they can start living together, this instant.


It is the cutest scene gardeen any animated film EVER!

When she awakens, they stare at each other and have a silent conversation their thoughts are to themselves, but form a dialogue which ends with Ra-im mentally telling Joo-won to come by in her dreams again. In other news, I can’t believe how awesome Secretary Kim is.

She could have said “no”, even though she would have wanted to be held by him. It’s not like it was Joo Won’s fault; epiisode certainly, her father died while performing his duty as a fireman.

Jenni January 1, at She has always been alone death of parents, stunt friends, and she seems to have only one girl friend. She heads episoxe and is taken aback by the music…she looks over to the piano and Oska is playing her favorite song.

I like the ending scene. Jomo the way you describe reczps kiss scene was so perfect and I agree with you about the shooting star. I found myself questioning why I love this series even though the recent forced kiss and now this forced bed-sharing made me somewhat uncomfortable, and I guess it’s because Secret Garden is a screwball comedy.

So Thank You to the tenth power, Spisode Keep up the awesomeness!!! And with this episode SG is inching forwards to that glorious someday: I totally agree with you ,JB and GF. Holy moly, Siwon for a week! I can’t understand a word of Korean and yet I love watching her in RAWs, she really uses her eyes and face.

Tamtam, I disagree that force is needed by JW to get Ra-im to further their relationship. Lucille January 2, at MAVY December 27, at 8: Or else, I don’t think I can take the potential angst kdaorama ending scenes created.


January 3, at 9: JW’s character sevret just that. Monday, July 31, The King Loves. Seul has been plotting against Oska for how many episodes and it would be really out-of-character if she just forgive him that easily. For example, Taesun confesses to Oska and it somehow ends up in the tabloids I find such comments to be part and parcel of this whole troubling dynamic.

It looks… very normal, actually. Your email address will not be published.

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In another episode prior, Joo-Won learned that Ra-Im’s father died when she’s 17 years old. Yet funny how the majority always justify this action with the argument “it’s ok because she likes him too”, or “If she really means no, she could have shoved him away”.

Instead he leaves Ra-im with one look at Joo-won, and takes Seul away to talk. It was a rollercoast of a relationship that was at best – dysfunctional.

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Now this bed scene is really something. Houstontwin January 2, at 5: Forcing someone to do what they do not want to do is assault, whether it is cuddling, kissing or sex. Harassment is defined as rexaps course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such a person and serves no legitimate purpose”. Aww, Joo Won just earned more points by hugging her and telling her to trust him.