Season 2 ends with tensions between the Mikaelson siblings coming to a head. Supernatural – Season 9, Episode 5: Season 2, Episode 8 November 24, This year will mark a reboot for The Originals after fans were teased with a lengthy trailer for the forthcoming run at San Diego Comic-Con last year. Episode 1 – Pilot. Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Tag: Season 2, Episode 6 November 10,

Pretty Little Liars – Season 3, Episode 9: It always does seem that the second that things start looking up, a new wrench is thrown into whatever semblance of a plan that the group has formed. Will there be another season of The Originals? Into The Blue 3. Married at First Sight 7. Finally, Betty and Archie’s vow to take down the Black Hood once and for all leads to a dangerous showdown.

Christy, a newly sober single mother of two, struggles to get her life together in Napa Valley. Behind the Panel Tag: Skip to main 1000.

Into The Blue 3.

Rebekah aligns with Marcel when she encounters a coven of vengeful witches and discovers the body she is currently inhabiting has a checkered past. Into the Spider-Verse Tag: Season 2, Episode 16 March 16, Silent Night, Deadly Night.

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Meanwhile, Mikael takes Cami hostage in an effort to lure Klaus to himself; and Davina makes a troubling discovery about Kaleb’s true identity. At least until they broke out the shock collar. Available to Stream Watch on.

In the series finale, Ted tells his children the conclusion to the tale of how he and their mother finally The Curse of Oak Island 2. Meanwhile, Klaus clashes with Hayley and Jackson over how to protect baby Hope from Finn; and Freya convinces Finn to bring her to Mikael, the father she hasn’t seen in over a thousand years. Season 2 Episode Guide. Season 2, Episode 8 November 24, Meanwhile, Elijah and Marcel prepare a safe house in Algiers with help from Josephine; Jackson approaches Hayley with a risky idea; and Aiden becomes torn between his loyalty to Jackson and his secret alliance with Klaus.


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Season 2 begins with Klaus plotting his revenge against the Guerrera werewolves and vowing to take down anyone who poses a threat to baby Hope’s existence. A Star Is Born 4. Klaus searches for an antidote when he discovers Elijah has been afflicted by Esther’s magic; Hayley teams up with Klaus, Marcel, Cami and Josh in an attempt to take down Vincent; Vincent mevashare9 Kaleb reconsider their strategies; Kaleb lets Davina in sseason some secrets from his past and brings her to a place he frequented in After snooping around for Christmas gifts, Veronica uncovers a major secret Hiram has been keeping from her.

To solve two murders, Dean casts a spell to bond with the German Shepherd that witnessed both crimes. It really does seem like six episde in space was really make-or-break for the couples going into it. Top 10 Marvel Movies Tag: First, there was mention of space sex when Raven discovered the ship had a gravitational pull.

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Add to Watchlist Added. Season 2, Episode 7 November 17, Klaus demands that Esther release Elijah, but she reveals a few dark secrets from Klaus’ past in an effort to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Season 2, Episode 20 April 27, I hope Clarke kills him quickly and we can move on.

Eva Sinclair’s reemergence leaves Rebekah trapped, so Klaus puts aside his mistrust for Freya to save Rebekah’s life.


Vincent creates an elaborate spell to trap his brothers Klaus and Elijah. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. My skin was clear, my crops were watered, my credit score rose 10 points.

This will be the shortest run in the history of the drama.

My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about megashars9 favorite shows – Start Now. Supernatural – Season 9, Episode 5: The Cold in the Case – TV. Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies Tag: In 2 Minutes Tag: Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now.

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Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Season 4, Episode 9 DNR. Season 2, Episode 12 February 2, Available to Stream Watch on. Rebekah becomes intrigued by a mysterious girl newly arrived at the insane asylum; Hayley struggles with coming clean eppisode Jackson about the secrets she’s keeping and is surprised when he shares his own secret involving Hayley’s parents; Klaus tries to stop a marriage ritual megasuare9 Hayley and Jackson must complete; Vincent attempts to uncover Klaus’ secret; Davina discovers that Josh and Marcel are in danger.