His stubbornness is aggravating to watch. But uh, he was gone for like 10 episodes? BF3 is a total dissapointment! Posted 08 August – Edited by charmaine, 04 August – It was also a shame that the audience was only able to infer that the two got together at the end instead of showing us. Perhaps Wong He is such an excellent actor that he convinced us with his portrayal of the stubborn and annoying man. The producer is focusing too much on the relationships, especially on Kevin and Myolie’s, which I btw don’t find sweet or cute at all.

I am extremely disappointed with the storyline. They made his character too “goody-two-shoes” and a girl-magnet. Ah Shing’s broken heart and inability to let go was taken to an extreme level, making him nor anyone else around him happy. He is just not good enough for this character. The focus too much on the love life and not so much on the firefighter’s job! This is by far the worst BF series ever!

Now Wong hei is out of his coma and another bad thing happens to him. I’m sorry to say that Kevin’s acting skills have deteriorated.

Burning Flame III

Would I buy this one to complete my set? But then again, no excuse for those horrible fade-out editing in all the action scenes. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

Stephen and Elaine make a sweet and refreshing couple. I want more action scenes! I don’t feel the teamwork, hardships, the battles the team faces in the fire.


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You currently have javascript disabled. I felt sorry for their baby. I am actually happy that he spent 10 episodes in a coma, as I personally wouldn’t have been able to stand 32 full episodes of his stubbornness. When they were finally over, and we were finally at the present, I felt that the series only became worse.

It annoyed me how she seemed to just be throwing herself at him. And yes, synopsie was also very hyped out when i heard that these 3 male actors are gonna be in it and the plot seemed soo good but now This is more of a romance series now rather than a part of the classic Burning Flame series.

He is just not good enough for this character. Although the two were occasionally dlame, their relationship was ridiculous.

In recent years though, the two have become type casted into one type of role. They made his character too flxme and a girl-magnet. Whatever happened to the friendship bondage of the firemen?

His stubbornness is aggravating to watch. It’s Bosco-Aimee which kinds of bring me back. I dont’ feel for the characters at all and burnlng all 2-dimensional! She kept dragging their love-line by making Myolie’s character so contradictory and indecisive. While he is enjoyable to watch, I tend to question myself numerous times on whether or not he can really act.

Truly disappointed with Burning Flame III 《烈火雄心3》

I thought I was the only one that thought like this. I expected so much more than another typical cliched love story in BF3: There are not enough “danger” scenes and when there was, it lasts minutes except for the fire that practically killed of Wong Hei’s character.


Wong He, you’re spectacular as usual. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Ah Shing just didn’t know when it was time to give symopsis and move on. It would’ve been much more interesting if they cut out all the bull crap and lovey-dovey stuff.

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He goes through change and maturity at a reasonable pace to the point he is an ambitious, responsible, hardworking, and sweet gentleman. Regardless of Bosco being casted for the pilot, just the genre itself was enough for me to anticipate. It was great that Wong He was able byrning find someone else he could love. Myolie and Wong He had no chemistry whatsoever, but she looked ok with Kevin. I had so much fkame in you.

He sometimes got on my nerves.